Six Moringa benefits for men and women

Maybe you found yourself the other day looking at your old photos. Not that long ago, you had that great look, semi-smile, great shape and now…

You have made improvements with your diet and committed to getting out and exercise regularly.

But, it’s almost mid-year, and you’ve discovered that this journey of health is not as easy as you thought it would be . . . And the annual health checkup tells that you were neglecting your body in years.

The bridge for better health leads through better nutrition with Moringa

Professor Mike Golden, a world-renowned expert in nutrition, said that the health problem is not in the amount of the food you eat, but the quality of the food you eat. And we need about 40 different nutrients to stay healthy.

No surprise there, but what is a surprise…

It is rare for a plant to contain many essential nutrients and furthermore in such high quantities. However, the Moringa oleifera on its own was reported to have a higher content of various ingredients compared to those found individually in several different types of food and vegetables.

So far, scientists have only researched a fraction of the many reputed health benefits, but here are 6 health benefits of Moringa Oleifera that are backed by scientific research. The benefits of Moringa for cancer related illness is covered in another article in this blog, this article covers other benefits.

Moringa vs. Diabetes

Moringa promises a lot to those who have diabetes. In the first place, this is due to its many stunning features. It has been shown that Moringa oleifera naturally enhances the immune system, which is usually compromised by those suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes often causes circulatory problems that can be managed with anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements, although, very few MDs would admit that fact.

So how Moringa does it?

Scientists believe plant compounds such as isothiocyanates cause these positive effects. They are chemical compounds in Moringa which act as inhibitors of cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis.  (1)

A small study in people with diabetes found that adding 50 grams of Moringa leaves to a meal reduced the rise in blood sugar by 21%.

Also, it showed that there are no adverse side effects associated with the use of Moringa oleifera, which means that it is a safe, natural way for you to manage your blood sugar and take care of diabetic symptoms.

Moringa protects the cardiovascular system

Did you know that while Moringa energizes every cell in your body, it’s also reducing the risk of heart disease??

Atherosclerosis is becoming the leading cause of death in most of the developed countries, and

cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), acute coronary syndrome, or stroke nowadays arise at any age thanks to the development of plaques and lesions inside the arteries.

The risk of heart diseases can be reduced through the consumption of flavonoid-rich diets, and Moringa is the champion in its quantity. Flavonoids may inhibit vascular diseases development through alteration in endothelial cell production.  (2)

Also, Moringa being very high in iron helps facilitate the creation of hemoglobin, which plays a heart protection role.

A fascinating study has shown that (8g) of Moringa daily can reduce LDL by 29% over 40 days thus lowering the risk of developing heart disease. Furthermore, the same study has been reported that Moringa decreases systolic blood pressure and reduces cardiac hypertrophy.

So keep Moringa in mind the next time when you need to go to check up your ticker…or sooner.

Moringa protects your brainstorming no matter how old you are

It’s a great feeling to be appreciated and still helpful as a senior, right?

Alzheimer’s Association estimated that one in eight Americans above the age of 65 years has been suffering from this devastating neurodegenerative disorder.

Moringa is full of bio compound Zeatin. This world-class substance protects our brain from plaque deposits, so-called amyloid plaques, which eventually lead to the death of brain cells, making your thinking mode slightly next to impossible.

Moringa is also able to normalize the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline in the brain, which play a crucial role in memory, mood, organ function…

On the other hand, with its high content of vitamins E and C, Moringa fights oxidation that leads to neuron degeneration, thus improving brain function.    (3)

Get away from optometrist while you still can

The primary vitamins you need to think about when supporting your vision are antioxidant vitamins – vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. There is some scientific evidence that suggests that if we take a lot of antioxidants in our daily diet, it can help protect our vision.

These are true.

When our sight weakens, it is mainly because of the damage caused by free radicals. They are considered to be at least partially blamed for everything from wrinkling to cancer.

It is, therefore, no surprise that many scientists also associate them with visual impairment.

Ensuring the abundance of vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene, Lutein and zeaxanthin in your diet,(which Moringa have in abundance), you are already crossing an absolute path to protect the health of your eyes.

The first study, which was published in the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 2010 showed the remarkable activity of flavonoids from Moringa to prevent and stop the development of cataracts. In happier societies like ours, we do not have to think twice about getting enough vitamin A, C, E, beta-carotene, Lutein, and zeaxanthin. You can find them in abundance in our Moringa products.  (4)

Get your nutrients but still lose weight

Moringa’s role in weight loss efforts can be attributed to its low fat and high nutritional quality which makes it an acceptable substitute for many other low-calorie foods (100 g of Moringa leaves contains only about 200 calories).

According to researchers at John Hopkins University, Moringa leaves provide us with a rich diet of essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals that give all the necessary nutrients without unhealthy fats or high-calorie carbohydrates.

And here’s the catch… the same study reported that Moringa leaves contain twice as much protein of the same kind as in milk or eggs but without fat and calories.

And that’s not all!

Moringa leaves provide 42 % of the recommended daily minimum protein requirements and 125 % of the recommended daily minimum requirement for calcium.     (5)

Moringa- your private fountain of youth

The human skin life cycle is approximately 300 days long. More than 40,000 individual skin cells die every minute. With Moringa, there is a change in the human skin cycle where the new skin cells grow faster than old cells die.

This results in stunning wrinkle reduction on the face and other parts of the body.

Its secret?

Moringa contains only recently discovered cytokinin (a plant hormone that causes cell division, growth, and delays their aging). Clinical studies have shown that Moringa products produce the properties needed to counter aging.

Again Zeatin, one of the ingredients of Moringa, comes to the rescue with its powerful anti-aging properties. It slows down the aging process by helping the body to replace the cells with a faster pace, giving your skin a younger look.

Furthermore, it promotes the maintenance of small cell size (the primary determinant of youthful skin) and prevents the accumulation of macromolecular damage in the cells.  (6)

Since Moringa has several thousand times more Zeatin than any other known plant, it’s no wonder that 92% of ladies would use Moringa again.


For centuries, people on many continents have used Moringa’s traditional medicines for common diseases.

Clinical studies have begun to suggest that many of these allegations are valid. With such considerable medical evidence suggestive from conventional, and modern medicine, Moringa could become an invaluable resource for people looking for much-needed help in areas where other types of treatment can only “unhelp”.

Oh… one more thing…

As known, most vegetables lose their nutrients upon cooking. However, Moringa leaves whether fresh, cooked or stored as dried powder for months without refrigeration did not lose its nutritional value.

Bon Appetit!


M. Ndong, M. Uehara, S.-I. Katsumata, and K. Suzuki, “Effects of oral administration of Moringa oleifera Lam on glucose tolerance in Goto-Kakizaki and Wistar rats,” Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, vol. 40, no. 3, pp. 229–233, 2007. (1)

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